The Entity Chronicles Artwork by: Rico Rodriguez


Meditate With Music!

Experience the journey of a lifetime! The imaginary journey of earthly delights. We find here, in this dimension sound, color, rhythm, and light. Within this light, the sound must travel inward to the silence as we unlock spiritual tranquility through music. All connections of the earth brought to you by, DJ Entity’s imagination. Welcome to the Entity Chronicles.


DJ Entity’s Dream.

DJ Entity’s mind goes deeper
into, the crevices.
The tree that gives divine energy
Imagine this, coastal shift.
Setting the course for a journey,
as it ends to begins.
Across this pond,
The wind keeps kerning.
Cosmic Rift, alignment,
Of Imaginative shapes.
Create the music that takes
Non-objective sound,
The colors relate,
Emotions are bound…


The Pond.

When the earth is…
awaken to the rhythm.
Pieces of a puzzle,
As the Vibe
DJ Entity Sees Makara in the stream
Is this only a dream,
This is my reality,
Canary’s are calling after me.
Seeing the blue resembling
All the lotus’s, passing me
Streets lights put into memory
Earthly Delights
Lighting a path Truthfully,
The existence of The Dark Cellos
Deeper against the clouds,
Yellow, with a low light of Mellows.
Reflecting off the pond,
as I carry on.
Hearing rings of a planet in a
distance with violins.


The Deity’s Gift.

Comets, flowing across the sky
Following a vision of an Eyeglass,
Transporting DJ Entity,
into Saturn’s eye.
Reflecting pass the light red violins,
Mixed in, with the vibrancy of blue flutes duality used to transpose unknown energy.
The yellow canaries are the nesting ground,
to a Deity found by DJ Entity.
A prescience of strength,
Felt within earth’s root bank,
Blasting a brass horn of joy,
out of the stump’s trunk
The sound violins begin to sprout a lotus as a gift.
Inside the bloom,
Music the instrumental tune.
Capturing the soul of DJ Entity,
With some advice from the unconscious spirit,
DJ Entity uses the turntable as an instrument,
“With your spirit
That is connected to Mars
Capturing comets,
Will take you far to the stars
Oh, by the way,
You left your spaceship on Mars”.
DJ Entity, begins to water the plants gracefully.
Leaving, peace upon this earthling deity.
The green grass dance rhythmically.
As they sing a song whispering
Humming a sound resembling a flute,

DJ Entity’s spirit begins listening.


Cosmic Rift.

Red shoes made from earth’s intensity,
May they keep you forever rooted
Within piles of earthy intensity.
Traveling throughout the stars,
These rocket shoes take DJ Entity very far
Deeper into the depths,
Hearing the sounds of stars.
Layered deep within the silence,
A canary can be heard within the climate.
Stepping onto the moons,
Guiding DJ Entity’s journey
Causing destruction within the space,
A comet has been created within the trace.
Entity Dropping needles of life,
Water to be precise,
Magnifying the ice
Dust tails traveling right
into a path, that takes DJ Entity farther, deeper…


Saturns Dimension to mars.

Gathering form, the earth’s roots
within the vines of the Water,
Makara appears.
As DJ Entity’s vessel travels farther.
Into dimensional light
The perspective is bursting comets into
Symphonies across warm temperatures, Making a staircase of light
Reflecting water’s green mixture
Of violins between
Depth in vanity to its perspective.
The Deity tells DJ Entity
To head this way to mars,
For a glowing passion
Your Saturn will be watching
Your further advances,
To the future.


“Daydreaming again huh…”

The Entity begins to daydream,
Palm trees, leading to tranquility
Listening to a Bassoon
Above a depth

Spiritual blending with a flute
Entity’s left hand is a lotus
Resembling a wolf’s eye in focus
Right hand resembling water
Galaxy’s inside a jellyfish that will take him farther
Deep into the stream
Resulting from the pulse
Following the grass from his feet, electrifying
Laying a path to a staircase
All the way to Mars.


Recovering Memory.


The Entity on Mars. Future (Present)…

DJ ENTITY (Present, future)
(Rapping Planet Rock)
Just, Rocket
Don’t stop it,
Just rock it
Don’t stop.
( stops)
I haven’t seen this since, after… Earth.


The Elephants Lunar path.

The pond has awakened DJ Entity’s memories. Now gathering more lotus pedals in his mind, DJ Entity travels on a path of the elephant. The elephant is his solar guide to awaken pieces of the earth. The moon is his lunar light guiding DJ Entity towards the inward rhythms felt deep within the green mid-tones of violins as they blend with the earthy sound of the yellow canary’s. The elephant below his feet is a symbol of the earth jungles, blended with the blue tranquility of the water’s current, and emotions.

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